16 November 2016

Why don’t you be a doctor or a lawyer?

As a youngster, that was a question I got with great frequency from a number of my Pakistani relatives.  But, I had my heart set on being a Marine Biologist, Animal Trainer, Writer, Egyptologist, and Astronaut.  I feel lucky to have been able to touch the first three. HRC's concession speech last week reminded me of another friendly neighborhood Muslim who never gave up on her dreams.

Today’s post goes out to a woman who has always inspired me to think outside the box, my sister from another mister, Saba Ghole. Our dads are actually college besties and we were raised as cousins. Saba is a brilliant, inventive powerhouse who received her Masters at MIT in Urban Design/Architecture. She attributes her holistic understanding of design and education to her multifaceted interests in painting, photography, interactive art, architecture, and urban planning.

Saba is the CCO and a founder of NuVu Studio, a school for middle and high school students geared around interdisciplinary, collaborative projects and based on the architectural studio model. NuVu focus on hands-on problem solving, encourages an inventive culture, and promotes peer-to-peer learning.  There are no subjects, no classrooms, and no grades.  Instead, students actively learn and create in a studio, and have portfolios to showcase their design decisions and final products.

Watch Saba’s Ink Conference/TED talk on Nurturing a Beginner’s Mind and her TEDxSanJoseCA talk, Can You Learn Creativity?

Keep on keeping on,