12 November 2016

They'll never take our freedom.

After we got married, I decided to periodically run through the house yelling "Braveheart" quotes because, well, I'm Scottish now. We dated for 9 years before getting married, so I think I earned the right. Actually, I was already Scottish on my mom's side, but now you all know it. 

And the new last name makes it easier to get through TSA. 

My first name is Sameen, which means precious/beautiful in Urdu. Urdu is the national language of Pakistan and is an official language in 6 Indian states.  Phonetically, it sounds like Hindi, but the written script is Persian/Arabic as opposed to sanskrit.  It is both written and read right-to-left.  The name was my grandmother's pick.  My parents had Sabena in mind, but it was the name of a now defunct airline, so mad kudos to my Amma for saving the day. 

My middle name is Raniyah, which means gazing in Arabic. Bonus: Rani for short means queen in Hindi. 

My maiden name is Ghazali which references a Persian philosopher and Sufi Muslim mystic named Al-Ghazali.

Keep on keeping on,