10 November 2016

All the feelings.

My peeps know I love a good list. 

A list of fave books reminds me of lessons I've learned and gives me places to turn when I need a reminder. A list of destinations motivates me to actively seek out and make time for travel. A bucket list pushes me to stretch my boundaries and try new activities. At some point, I started a list of "art that made me cry" (excellent working title, I know) and today I had to add a piece of writing to that list:

• The final segment in Cirque du Soleil's "O"
• The wordless opening sequence of Pixar's "Up"
• "Joseph Smith, American Moses" from Book of Mormon*
• Sia's "Elastic Heart" video
• HRC's grace-filled concession speech

It hurts because the loss feels personal, and it is. 

Keep on keeping on,

*from laughing so hard