08 November 2016

Election night manifesto.

I still know that every woman has a right to take make her own decisions regarding her reproductive organs, and to not die in a turn-of-the-century, illegal, back-alley abortion.

I still know that creationism has no place in public education.

I still know that women and men are equal and should be treated as such in the home, workplace, government, and in every single paycheck.

I still know that climate change is real, accelerated by our consumption of fossil fuels, and needs to be addressed at a larger scale by our government.

I still know that LGBTQ couples have the right to the civil institution of marriage.

I still know that rape is never the victim's fault.

I still know that trans people are their preferred gender and should use the restroom where they feel safe.

I still know that Mexicans are not here to steal American jobs.

I still know that refugees should be respected, supported, and welcomed.

I still know that Black Lives Matter.

I still know that most police officers are good people seeking to serve and protect their communities.

I still know that the vast majority of Muslims are not terrorists.

I still know that Native Americans deserve better than this nation has ever given them and protected water is a fundamental human right.

I still know that stronger gun legislation is inevitable and wonder how many more innocents will be slaughtered before the time comes to say enough.

I still know that America is greater than the rampant, shameful misogyny, racism, and xenophobia that won tonight.

I still choose to care, fight, share, empathize, and hope. 

Keep on keeping on,