Greetings and salutations!

I'm a Writer and Producer based in the Seattle. I was born and raised in southern California (bright red county in a brighter blue state), left as soon as humanly possible to attend UC Berkeley, and then lived in central California for several years before moving to the Pacific Northwest.

My current work involves producing and scriptwriting for internal-use, b2b, b2c, instructional, and web marketing videos. I also have loads of experience writing staff training resources, education program scripts, and public outreach materials at a major non-profit.

In my off-time, I like to travel and experience new cultures, bake, hunt for vintage, swim, talk sustainable seafood, and volunteer at a rescue for retired racing greyhounds. I'm also looking to re-commit to an aerial silks practice. I may never make it to Cirque, but dammit if I don't have a good time trying.

So, what made me start up Your Friendly Neighborhood Muslim? Well, perhaps you've heard: Donald Trump was recently elected to the highest office in our land. Two days spent imbibing Riesling (Chateau Ste. Michelle—a local winery and my personal favorite. I know you were wondering.) in my jammies warranted a burst of productivity.

My aim is to talk openly about the concerns I have for my Muslim family, share solutions for combating bigotry against women and minorities, and shoot the shit about a variety of other subjects as they pop up in my daily life. This is an evolving narrative. It is not an encyclopedia and it is not a debate. Oh, and I'll only share relevant, vetted items that are useful and/or make me chuckle. One does not simply post spiteful memes that help no one. See what I did there?

Keep on keeping on,