30 December 2017

And here we are.

I'm a perfectionist by nature and feel like my brain is perpetually on overload trying to suck less/do better, so I've never cared about New Year’s resolutions. But, in 2016, I felt like I really didn't read enough books and figured a quantifiable goal would be helpful. I shot for book a month (which still felt shamefully low given my librarian heritage, but whatever, it was realistic and still plenty more than I had been reading.) I ended up reading 13 books in 2017 and here they are.

Scrappy Little Nobody – I'm a long-time Kendrick fan and her book of theatre kid essays was the perfect way to kick-off the year.

The Descendants – Purchased while I was on Kauai and read in both the right place and headspace.

Why Not Me – Thought Kaling's first book was stronger, but still dug it.
The Handmaid's Tale – Timely, poetic, and resonated with me more than 1984 and Brave New World ever did.

The Bell Jar – Long overdue. I love Plath’s poetry. Don’t know why I held off reading her only novel, but it’s incredible.

The Princess Diarist – Rest in power, Carrie. You were a force to be sure, and such a strong part of my childhood.

Lads Before the Wind – Came highly recommended and doesn’t disappoint if you’re interested in the origins and evolution of marine mammal training.

Lads Before the Wind – Continued…dense, but worth it.
A Wrinkle in Time – Heard about the film coming out next year and decided to reread this childhood fave for funsies.

Ender's Game – Definitely better than the movie. The final chapter really stuck with me, so much so that I tore it out and saved it from the copy that Loxley otherwise obliterated.
The Stand – One of mom’s favorites and, therefore, a solid pick for my introduction to King.

The Stand – Continued…felt like a quick read, but I guess it wasn’t.

The Stand – Finished it, loved it. No plans to dive into King's more horror-laden work, but I’m always down for post-apocalyptic tales of good and evil.
Sense and Sensibility – Liked the character development and storyline more than Pride and PrejudiceMansfield Park next, maybe Emma.

Something Wicked This Way Comes – I’ve read Fahrenheit. Now, I’ve read this. I’m just not into Bradberry.

Slaughterhouse-Five – I didn’t have any expectations, other than that it would be really good. It was better.

A friend asked if I'll up my goal to 14 books in 2018. I don’t think so because it was never a competition. The resolution was meant to be a fun way to jump start the practice and help me be more mindful my time. So, I’m sticking with a book a month. Brownie points for extras and we’ll see how it goes. Happy New Year, all, and whatever your resolutions, be gentle with yourselves.

Keep on keeping on,

23 December 2017

Hibernation mode.

Maybe it's Seasonal Affective Disorder. Or just life in the Pacific Northwest.

Keep on keeping on,