16 August 2017

One year.

It's been a year since I gave up full-time employment in one field to pursue life as a freelance writer in another. And about 6 months since I landed a staff position with one of my top clients during that time.  It's been a big year.  Here are today's musings...

Top 5 things I miss about freelance:
1.  Not wearing a bra most days, and by extension, doing less laundry.
2.  Taking fancy phone meetings in my pajamas with my furry babies at my side.
3.  The sense of control and autonomy, plus the zen of being alone.
4.  Spending very little time in the car.
5.  Seeing Lake Washington from my desk every morning.

Top 5 things I do not miss about freelance:
1.  Rarely being on-set and missing out on the kinesthetic learning and theatre-kid camaraderie.
2.  The unpredictable and elusive paycheck. Also, what are these "benefits" you speak of?
3.  Not really having work friends. Sad face.
4.  Saving for taxes is stupid. Paying a higher percentage (as compared to someone who is employed and earning the same amount) is bullshit.
5.  I'm supposed to find my own projects and clients?!

Keep on keeping on,